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Which Type of Facelift Is Best?

Facelift Best: Is removal of GLANDS (along w/ fat) when sculpting under chin during a neck lift a typical/normal or severe/aggressive approach? A facial plastic surgeon said he removes glands and fat when manually sculpting under the chin to get the best result. Surgical techniques are “his version” of a deep plane FL and “modified” Read More…

Can Silhouette Lift Be Applied Multiple Times?

Can Silhouette lift be applied multiple times? I see the result will last for 18 months. Can I do it again then? Will there be any residue in the skin? Will that cause any problems for other procedures such as filler? Answer: The Best Results from the Silhouette Instalift are individualized for each patient. The Read More…

Best Approach To Keep Face Young

What is the best and most cost effective approach to keep my face young and fresh? Q: I am wondering if should have a lift? I went for four vials of Sculptra. I was told lift too invasive at this time. Thanks! A: The Best & Most effective Way to Maintain a Youthful Face is Read More…

Fillers or Facelift?

Q: Would fillers or a facelift fix my sagging and caving cheeks? Over the past few years my left side of face is getting worse with sagging and cheek caving.. I have now noticed lines on lip was a smoker years ago but never had lines.. would fillers work to make me look a little Read More…

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