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Why Settle For JUST Cosmetic Surgery
When You Can Have A Work Of ART!

Why Settle For JUST Cosmetic Surgery— When You Can Have A Work Of ART! Artistry takes many forms. The common denominator is dedication, creativity, perseverance and the desire to share the beauty of art. Always wishing to expand my knowledge and skills found me in Florence, Italy where I was fortunate to learn oil painting Read More…

Radiesse Cheeks

Radiesse Cheeks Question: I am 36 and am considering Radiesse to give fullness to my cheeks a lift and help alleviate the hollowness under my eyes. I am scared to do injections under my eyes, so I am wondering if Radiesse in my cheeks will also help my eyes? Answer: Radiesse not for under eyes Read More…

What Type of Facelift/Procedure Would Be Best?

Question: What Type of Facelift or Procedure Would Be Best For Me? I am hoping to be educated on what procedures/surgeries will give me an overall youthful appearance & eliminate my saggy lower face, mouth & turkey neck that I’m self-conscious about. My chin is messy, rippled, not smooth. I’ve had fillers injected several times Read More…

Is Blepharoplasty Enough To Fix My Hooded Eyes?

Question: I’m only 21 years old and my lids are now so hooded that they rest on my eyelashes. Would blepharoplasty be enough to correct this? And around how much would that cost? I would prefer local anesthesia. These pictures are all from the last two months. The one where I have purple hair is Read More…

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