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Do The Cones Move After Silhouette Lift?

Question: Do The Cones Move After Silhouette Lift? 3 Days Post Op? Answer: Silhouette Instalift Is Best For Lifting The Lower Face   Silhouette Instalift is best for lifting the lower face and adding volume to the face. The cones are set within the deeper structures after 7-10 days. Hence, patients need to take care with exercise, Read More…

What Kind of Procedure Should I Get For My Eye Bags?

Question: What kind of procedure should I get for my eye bags? Answer:  Blepharoplasty or Lid Surgery is Optimal A Blepharoplasty addresses the pouting fat of the lower and upper lids and smooths out the extra lid skin. Care must always be taken to not remove to much fat or skin. This is a true sculpting procedure. Read More…

Other Areas For Voluma?

Question: If there is extra or leftover Voluma after filling the midface/cheek area, where else can it be injected on the face? Answer: Voluma is great for lifting and contouring the cheeks, jawline and possibly in the nasolabial folds, if injected in the deeper layers. Since it is a thicker product it should not be used Read More…

45 With Significant Lines Around My Eyes When Smiling

Question: 45 And Have Significant Lines Around My Eyes When Smiling. Advice? Answer: Botox to lift the outer brows and assist with crows feet. Botox when used properly can elevate the outer brows and soften the crows feet or lines along the outer lids. Find Out More About BOTOX Here:

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